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There Are 3 Problems I See With Nearly ALL Weight Loss Programs

1. Too Much Cardio

Who has an Hour or TWO a day to be on a treadmill?? I know I don't, and guess what? TOO much cardio can actually hinder your results. It can make you hungier so you eat more and it can even lower fat burning hormones.

And the MORE time you stay on the treadmill, the longer you're in the gym. This means less time  to do the things you love and less time to spend with those who matter most! 

2. Too Few Calories

Let's face it, if you DRASTICALLY cut your calories,  you'll likely see SOME results in weight loss.

However, this can be very dangerous and could not only wreck your metabolism but it can seriously do damage to your hormone balance. This means you'll gain MORE weight back once you complete the program.

Additionally, sticking to a diet that is that restrictive and depriving is only bound to lead to failure.

3. Don't Work Out At All

Why do some programs have you avoid working out altogether? Because you're not eating enough calories or carbs to keep you energized and you'd probably end up passing out!

With those kinds of programs you'll actually lose some lean (sexy) muscle which will make the scale go down BUT... as soon as you go off the diet you'll actually gain MORE weight back and your lack of tone will make you look flabby rather than TONED and SEXY!

It's Time To Lose The Weight Without Starving or Spending Hours In The Gym

FINALLY lose unwanted fat so you can get rid of those sweats and baggy t-shirts. Instead, look fabulously sexy in the clothes you've dreamed about fitting back into and fantasized about wearing!

Flatten your stomach, firm your upper arms, tone your buttocks, and watch as fat melts off your hips and thighs!

STOP putting off fun activities you've wanted to do. Increase your energy and elevate your mood so you feel GOOD while doing them!

Enjoy the benefits of clearer skin, endless energy, better sleep, and even better sex!

Don’t Take My Word For It

"I'm so excited with my results! I lost 7 lbs and 5 inches and my back fat is GONE! I now have the energy to play with my son instead of watching him on the sidelines."


Busy Mom and Business Woman

"Becky gave us the best tools and nutrition plan possible. I finally overcame my plateau, lost 6 lbs and 5.5 inches, and now feel sexier in a bikini."


Busy Mom

"I needed something to hold me accountable. That was a big part of this program for me. I reached my goal of being in the best shape of my life for my daughter."


Full-time Career Woman and Busy Mom

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The 7 Day Foxy Body Slim Down

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So don't wait. Get the body and health you deserve!


Becky Fox

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